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Individualized Consultations

Ever wonder if you’re making the best nutrition decisions for your kind of cancer?

You’ve done your research, tried this and that, but you haven’t yet found that “sweet spot” – the perfect diet and supplement plan that takes all of your health concerns into consideration!

An individualized consultation with us could be the next best investment in your healing journey!

Spend Time with us and you could learn:

Why you want an individualized consultation:

You do not have to do this on your own! We are here to support you.

How It Works


Decide what kind of consultation best fits your needs.


Enter your details and order Your consultation.

 An email with further instructions will be sent to your email.

Ready to dive in with a registered dietitian or nutritionist?

Request your consultation with a dietitian or nutritionist by filling out the form below. 


Q&A with a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

(Great for those who are confident about what they are doing but desire a second set of eyes.)

This is a 60-minute recorded zoom session. You provide a list of questions, current prescription drug list, and list of medical conditions.

What’s Included:

30 min follow up session -

(Available to consult clients)


Comprehensive Consultation 

(Great for those who want a fully guided experience, or have a rare or complicated cancer.)

This is a 75-minute recorded zoom session. You submit a 7-page questionnaire, current laboratory test results, goals for the consultation and any questions related to diet or dietary supplements. Includes a 15 minute email follow up to address final questions.

What’s Included:

Not sure yet?

Order a Personalized Plan to see if that meets your needs!

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