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Juice Plus+ Reviews (2023)

Juice Plus+ is a brand of fruit, vegetable, and berry blends marketed as a whole-food dietary supplement meant to bolster the nutrition content of your diet and support overall health.

The focus of this comprehensive review is to highlight the features of Juice Plus+ and reveal the decision-making process I took as a dietitian to evaluate whether Juice Plus+ Essentials, compared to other brands of plant powders, would fit my personal needs and those of my patients/clients. Without revealing competitive brand names, I review the labels of each product, spotlight the positive features of Juice Plus+ capsules and chewables, and answer frequently asked questions about Juice Plus+ Essentials.  Order Juice Plus+

Which is the best fruit and vegetable supplement? A Dietitian Perspective

By: Kim Dalzell, PhD, RD

Medically Reviewed By: Dr. Thomas Piscitelli, DO Juice Plus Dietician Rating Juice Plus Nutrition Capsules Powders

Disclaimer: Products mentioned have been independently and professionally vetted. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission at no added cost to you. Information presented here is for education and information purposes only. The content is not intended to substitute for your medical doctor’s advice.

What is (and is not) Juice Plus+?

Juice Plus+ is not juice and it is not a multivitamin. It is a powdered plant blend derived from the flesh and pulp of vine-ripened fruits, vegetables, and berries that have undergone a low-temperature drying process. The fruit, vegetable, and berry powders are boosted with plant-derived vitamins and nutrients, which explains the plus+ part of Juice Plus+. The powders are put into vegan capsules or blended into a chewable for kids. Juice Plus+ chewables are also a great option for adults who have difficulty swallowing pills.

What fruits and vegetables are in Juice Plus+ Essentials?

  • Fruit Blend: Contains apple, peach, cranberry, orange, mango, beetroot, acerola cherry, pineapple, prune, and date. Plant-derived Plus+ ingredients include citrus extracts, lemon peel extract, citrus bioflavonoids, and other plant-based antioxidants.
  • Vegetable Blend: Contains broccoli, parsley, beetroot, carrot, garlic, tomato, spinach, cabbage, kale, and rice bran. Plant-derived Plus+ ingredients include acerola cherry extract, spirulina, lemon peel extract, and other plant-based antioxidants.
  • Berry Blend: Contains raspberry, bilberry, cocoa, blueberry, concord grape, pomegranate, blackberry, cranberry, artichoke, black currant, and elderberry. Plant-derived Plus+ ingredients include acerola cherry extract, green tea extract, grape seed extract, and other plant-based antioxidants.
  • Omega Blend: Contains oils from algae, pomegranate seed, raspberry seed, sea buckthorn berry, safflower seed, and tomato seed. Plant-derived Plus+ ingredients include rosemary extract and other plant oils.

Juice Plus+ vs. Other Fruit and Vegetable Capsules – Dietitian Label Review

Dietitians are trained to evaluate products focused on potential drug-nutrient concerns, safety and quality control certifications, ingredient nutritional value, and cost. I conducted a product label analysis that reveals important nutrition-related differences that helped me decide which product to choose for myself and recommend to others: 

Juice Plus+ Essentials

Juice Plus Essentials Fruit and vegetable powder

WHY I DID BUY: There are lots of copy cats, but Juice Plus+ independent testing, product-specific research, quantity of plants, largest amount of plant material in any capsule, and the 100% food label are the key selling points from a nutrition standpoint. As a parent, I appreciate a chewable option for children and those who dislike or can’t take capsules or don’t wish to drink the often unpalatable plant powder mixes.

Label Review:

  • The only plant powder capsule that contains a Nutrition Facts Panel (requires the manufacturer to identify the source of ingredients).
  • Key nutrients are quantified (plants vary in nutrition content so showing the actual amount ensures every batch delivers the same level of nutrients).
  • Advertised as 30 plants, however, the product label does note additional plant extracts from green tea, grapeseed, ginger, and spirulina, totaling 34 plants. 
  • Manufacturer claims of Non-GMO, NSF quality, and Kosher are all certified by independent, professional-grade testing labs.
  • Certified for Sport Juice Plus+ products formulated for professional athletes are available upon request.
  • Uses more of the whole plant which ensures a higher level of nutrition.
  • Contains ginger root. Safety of ginger root, even in pregnancy, is proven.
  • Contains magnesium stearate for uniform blending. Magnesium stearate is considered safe.
Order Juice Plus+

Fruit and Vegetable Powder A

Label Review:

  • Supplement Facts Panel – like what is found on isolated vitamin bottles. 
  • 31 plants vs. 34 in Juice Plus+. I was unable to determine if the whole plant is used, or just the flesh, which typically contains fewer nutrients.
  • Claims for non-GMO and other quality factors like pesticide content are not proven.   The label symbols used to designate non-GMO and other quality measurements aren’t associated with professionally recognized, independent testing labs.
  • Contains soy. Not suitable for those with soy allergies.
  • Contains grapefruit. May interfere with the clearance of many prescription medications and safe levels have not been determined.
  • Contains aloe vera. Some reports of potential toxic side effects, however levels of toxicity haven’t been established

WHY I DIDN’T BUY: Contains slightly fewer plants and has less powder per capsule compared to Juice Plus+.  My big drawbacks: no independent certification and quality testing by reputable testing labs and no option for those who can’t take capsules. This product is not for those who want to avoid soy. Additionally, grapefruit and aloe vera may have potential negative side effects in some individuals. 

WHY I DIDN’T BUY: While the variety of plants is top-notch, you get less than half of the plant powder found in Juice Plus+. Vegans won’t be happy with the animal-based ingredients. Although 70% organic, without independent quality and safety checks, there is still a concern for pesticide content in the other 30% of the product. 

Fruit and Vegetable Powder B

Label Review:

  • Supplement Facts Panel – like what is found on isolated vitamin bottles. I like a food label for my food!
  • Vitamins exceed the recommended % Daily Value.
  • Dose is 4 capsules total.
  • 45 plants inside. However, plant powder amounts per serving is exceptionally low.
  • Claims 70% organic but not certified by an independent organization. Quality and purity content are not proven.
  • Contains probiotics. Potentially supportive of the microbiome.
  • Contains plant enzymes for digestion. This is positive; however, it could mean even fewer antioxidant levels in the capsules.
  • Contains soy. Not suitable for those with soy allergies.
  • Contains animal products (gelatin and whey) and wheat.
  • Slight color variation. The deeper, the darker, the more nutrition content. This should not be variable. Capsule content should be consistent.
  • No certifications for safety or purity.

Fruit and Vegetable Powder C

Label Review:

  • Supplement Facts Panel – like what is found on isolated vitamin bottles.
  • Dose is 4 capsules.
  • 24 plants vs. 34 found in Juice Plus+. Less variety and nutrition value.
  • Plant powder amount per serving is half of that found in Juice Plus+.
  • Quality assurance is not evident.

WHY I DIDN’T BUY: I was underwhelmed by the variety and amount of plant powder in the capsules, containing just 54% of plant material found in Juice Plus+. The product lacks certification for quality control and safety.  I included this brand because it is popular; however, it really isn’t a comparable product at all.

How does Juice Plus+ compare to other brands for value?

Value is determined by the quality, quantity, and additional benefits of the product. My cost analysis is based on 6 capsules a day for all products to create a more equitable measurement of the amount of fruit and vegetable matter you receive per dose.  I elected to increase the suggested dosage of Plant Powder B and C (they recommend 4 capsules per day) because of the low plant concentrate inside these products. Order Juice Plus+

Does Juice Plus+ really work?

Yes, and there is research on humans to prove it. Consumers will do a quick google search about Juice Plus+, only to be directed to sites like Wikipedia, where anonymous contributors write the content. This is not where to find correct information. Those knowledgeable understand that valid research is always found in the national library of medicine database. This database provides healthcare professionals and clinicians up-to-date research findings that they can apply to their practice protocols. The Juice Plus+ research is listed in this database. While company-sponsored research is not always dependable, Juice Plus+ has partnered with prestigious university researchers through grants and by supplying their products for human studies. Juice Plus fruits and vegetable powder universities and research institutes Those not familiar with the research process may argue that a company should never be involved in research; however, clinicians with a research background understand that primary research involves evaluating the brand-name product. Additionally, research published in peer-reviewed medical journals has been vetted by outside scientists who are not tied to the results. This adds an extra layer of validity to the research on products. Skeptics suggest that the numbers of participants in the studies are too low. This would be a concern for drug companies who must prove the safety of their products with a large pool of subjects since drugs can have negative side effects. But fruit and vegetable powders? There is no safety risk, so smaller numbers of subjects are enough to prove the effectiveness of the product.

Here are the research highlights on what Juice Plus+ does in the body:

  • 25 studies on nutrient bioavailability
Increased levels of nutrients in humans of all ages.
  • 16 studies on antioxidant protection
Increased key cell-protecting nutrients in a variety of populations, including exercisers, smokers, and more.
  • 11 studies on athletic performance
Calmed the effects of exercise-induced cellular stress in exercises, including trained athletes.
  • 10 studies on cardiovascular health
Diminished the effects of a high-fat meal on blood vessel elasticity and helped maintain healthy levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and other biomarkers of heart health.
  • 10 studies on metabolic health
Helped the body use insulin more effectively and reduced abdominal fat, increased lean body mass, and maintained healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels in varied populations.
  • 6 studies on inflammation
Decreased biomarkers of systemic inflammation in diverse populations, such as physically fit men and overweight adults. Prevented damage to human genetic material from oxidation and supported the healthy metabolism of fats, sugar, and energy in humans.
  • 5 studies on immune function
Were shown to support immunity in athletes, the elderly, stressed law students, and medical professionals directly involved in patient care.
  • 2 studies on skin health
Boosted skin hydration, thickness, and density in middle-aged women.
  • 2 studies on dental health
Decreased gum bleeding and plaque accumulation and supported healthy recovery from wisdom tooth surgery. Juice Plus+ continues to invest in research that proves the benefits of its products. Here is a list of the most current studies. The results appear promising but further research to replicate these findings is more likely to be well-accepted by the scientific community.
  • 1 study on cognitive function
Improved working memory, selective attention, processing speed, and executive function in individuals.
  • 1 study on lung function
Supported measurements of lung health in smokers, including the flow of air volume through the lungs.
  • 1 study on gut health
Capsules and Complete shake mix positively impacted the gut microbiome, supporting gut health in adults.
  • 1 study on fatty acid levels
Omega blend capsules helped healthy adults increase their omega-3 index after just 8 weeks of supplementation. Omega-3 levels are linked to positive health outcomes. Highlights from the studies provide convincing evidence that Juice Plus+ Essentials work inside the body by impacting a variety of systems. Order Juice Plus+

Directions for use

Juice Plus+ is sold as 2 bottles together—Fruit and Vegetable Essentials. Berry Essentials and Omega Essentials are also sold as 2 bottle sets. There are 120 capsules per bottle. So, each bottle provides a 2-month supply. The recommended dosage is 2 capsules of fruits, vegetables, and berries daily, with plenty of water or your favorite beverage. Capsules can be taken with food or alone, at any time. The plant powders and chewables are convenient for traveling, too. Because Juice Plus+ Essentials are 100% food, they tend not to upset the stomach like potentially harsh single nutrients from multivitamins might. Juice Plus fruits and vegetable powder Dose

Concerned about dosage?

The adult dosage of 8 capsules per day (2 each of fruit, vegetable, berry, and omega essentials), may seem overwhelming for those who are not used to taking supplements or have only been used to taking a general multivitamin. The suggested dosage is based on clinical research findings, so consistently taking the recommended dosage will more likely create positive results. Try half the dose to start and moving to a full dose once a habit has been established, or open the fruit, vegetable, and berry blend capsules and pour them into a smoothie once a day. Most adult consumers prefer to split the dosage, taking 1 of each color capsule in the morning and 1 of each color capsule in the evening with meals. Children below the age of 13 take half the adult dose of capsules or use chewables.

Juice Plus+ Safety and Potential Side Effects

The fruit, vegetable, and berry plant blends are 100% food and very safe for humans of all ages and there should not be a concern for most people. Most reported side effects are mild. Gastrointestinal distress was reported in a study that also showed improved several biomarkers of heart health, including a decrease in blood pressure and homocysteine levels. Researchers in a 1999 study showing Juice Plus+ enhanced immune system response also reported hive-like rashes in some participants. An older case report revealed that the liver enzymes in a patient with endometrial cancer became elevated. The enzymes returned to normal quickly after stopping, and no cancer in the liver was detected. There were no adverse liver effects reported in the wide body of Juice Plus+ clinical research. If individuals don’t eat many plants, then a reduced dosage is suggested until a full dose can be tolerated. With regard to allergies, Juice Plus+ fruit, vegetable, and berry blends do not contain any of the 9 major allergens.  Juice Plus+ omega blend capsules do not contain fish or shellfish but do contain algae. You may still be able to use omega blend capsules if you have a fish allergy, as an allergic response is rarely seen when consuming algae. Individuals with food allergies should always carefully review capsule contents and consider how their body reacts to the allergy. Interestingly, in my colleague’s clinical practices, consumers who are allergic to one or more ingredients in Juice Plus often tolerate the capsules without any issues. The most recent independent evaluation of fruits, veggies, and other greens supplements by Consumer Lab found many plant powders to contain significant levels of lead; however, Juice Plus+ plant concentrates were approved for use because they did not exceed heavy metal contamination limits.  In fact, their fruits, vegetables, berries, and omega capsules undergo NSF certification for quality and safety. Juice Plus+ plant powders are certified gluten-free, are strictly kosher, and contain no dairy or animal products. No dietary supplements or encapsulated nutrition products are FDA approved. Therefore, it is extremely important that all nutrition products are properly certified for safety and quality. Juice Plus+ is independently certified for safety and quality and official certifications on the label prove it.

Juice Plus+ Quality Standards

Juice Plus+ Essentials undergo an independent NSF certification process.  This means its products are evaluated for purity, contaminants, and adulterants throughout production. Because organic certification labels can be confusing to consumers and the certification process isn’t perfectly executed, I trust NSF certification over organic certification.

Current Juice Plus+ Reviews

Reviews taken from WebMD. Many positive customer reviews were primarily from people who were long-time users. As a dietitian, I tell patients that to truly evaluate the effectiveness of any nutrition product, you must remember your body is unique and be consistent and patient as your body adapts. As a consumer of Juice Plus+, I can attest that it took well over a year and a half before I started feeling the positive effects of taking in consistent amounts of plant concentrates. Juice Plus fruits and vegetable powder certifications Order Juice Plus+ Khitam | 35-44 | Female | 3/23/2023 Overall rating 5.0 Have had severe constipation for over 10 years, I used to have to get hydro colon therapy. I now go about 4 times a week. Have suffered from migraines and fibromyalgia as well and difficulty in sleeping. I haven’t had a migraine or headache in months and my pain has severely decreased. I’m sleeping better and have more energy and clarity in my thoughts. I have always eaten healthy for most of my life, but nothing has helped me get a better quality of life like Juice Plus. I will never go a day without it.  Cathy W. | 45-54 | Female | 3/21/2023 Overall rating 5.0 There are no gimmicks with Juice Plus! I’m no longer on blood pressure medication! I’ve had more energy and stamina that I’ve had in years! My whole family takes Juice Plus! There is no denying the power of fruits and vegetables! GRACE | 45-54 | Female | 3/21/2023 Overall rating 5.0 My fatigue disappeared. Less brain fog. Skin is shining and hair grows long with nice volume. No more bowel dysfunction and heart burn! William | 35-44 | Male | 8/15/2017 Overall rating 5.0 Over a year on this product. I was a skeptic at first…but the weight loss, added energy, and amazing lack of getting sick this past year sealed the deal for me! Awesome nutrition resource that conveniently offers premium versions of fruits and vegetables in an easy form to take daily! Jagloss | 65-74 | Male | 10/26/2022 Overall rating 2.0 I have been taking Juice Plus for over 6 months and have not experienced any health benefits whatsoever.

About the Juice Plus+ Company

Juice Plus+ is often considered the pioneer of plant powders as they have produced fruit and vegetable concentrates since 1993. Juice Plus+ has since expanded its product line to include Complete soy protein shakes and Perform, a fitness and performance protein shake mix, as well as vegetarian snack bars. A non-soy protein, vegan shake mix is due out this year. They also carry two versions of Tower Garden growing systems. Juice Plus+ is a direct sales hybrid company that uses both influencer affiliate and team-building compensation models to distribute fruit and vegetable-based nutrition products in over 20 countries. For transparency, for over 20 years I have been an affiliate and medical spokesperson for Juice Plus+. I also get paid to medically review online articles for accuracy and nutrition credibility. This post outlines the critical review process I underwent to determine if the Juice Plus+ products would make sense for my family and clients. Unlike most direct sales marketing companies that require quotas and expensive start-up costs, with an investment of only $52 a year, I have had the privilege of helping others get plant-based nutritional products into their diets. You do not need to be a healthcare professional to become an affiliate with the Juice Plus+ company. While some colleagues have seen this as a negative aspect of the Juice Plus+ company, given the current state of health, I see this as a positive way to raise awareness in communities about ways to get more plants into the diet. Besides, a college degree or special certification is not needed to talk about the benefits of everyday fruits and vegetables. You do not need to pay a membership fee or become an affiliate to be a Juice Plus+ customer or take advantage of auto ship pricing. Juice Plus+ has stepped up its commitment to using responsible language on its website and educating its affiliates about appropriate marketing and health-related claims. Juice Plus+ has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Is Juice Plus+ right for you?

If you aren’t sure if you need to supplement your diet with fruit and vegetable powders like Juice Plus+, ask yourself these 2 questions. If you aren’t measuring up, it’s time to consider supplementing your diet because according to MyPlate guidelines, you should be eating more plants at every meal! The next time you go grocery shopping for the week’s meals, do the math to see if your family is getting enough plants every week into their diets. And don’t count the produce you end up throwing away because it goes bad.  Fruit and vegetable powders Order Juice Plus+


Is Juice Plus+ non-GMO? Every ingredient is certified non-GMO and are traced from seed through finished products. Is Juice Plus+ certified organic? To organically certify growing fields, price increases, and the yield decreases. Therefore, Juice Plus+ invests in independent NSF certification making their products pure, safe, and better than organic. What is the difference between capsules and chewables? While the capsules and chewables contain the same variety of plant powders, to make the chewables gel, organic sugar and pectin are added. Chewables are the next best thing to Capsules. Why is Juice Plus+ low in fiber? All plant powders are low in fiber. It is better to eat fiber, not pay for it in plant concentrates. Why are magnesium stearate and calcium carbonate used? Juice Plus+ Berry Essentials contains plant-based magnesium stearate, derived from cocoa beans and coconut, to keep powders uniformly mixed so you get a consistent amount of plant nutrients in every capsule. Magnesium stearate is considered safe. Juice Plus+ Vegetable Essentials includes food-grade calcium carbonate, which is a safe, functional ingredient that helps the encapsulation process. Why is JP+ not higher in fiber? Effective fruit and vegetable powders are not designed to contain lots of fiber, instead focusing on providing abundant amounts of powerful plant chemicals. In fact, if a plant powder does contain more fiber, you are paying for expensive filler. It is far more cost-effective to eat fiber-rich foods. Why does Juice Plus+ offer sport certified products? Juice Plus+ offers additional independent testing by the NSF certified for sport testing program to help minimize the risk of banned substances in their products. This is especially important to professional athletes and major sports organizations like the National Football League (NFL) and Major League Baseball (MLB). Why is Juice Plus+ not FDA approved? No dietary supplement or encapsulated product on the market is FDA approved. That is why it is so important that the products you purchase are independently certified for safety and quality. What makes Juice Plus+ Omega Blend different from other omegas on the market? The omegas are sourced from algae, not fish, and the capsules contains novel plants like sea buckthorn berry and pomegranate and tomato seed oils. The capsule includes a nitrogen bubble that pushes out the oxygen to protect the oils from oxidation. What is the purpose of the Healthy Starts for Families program? The goal of this study is to get feedback about the value of adding Juice Plus+ into the diet of children and adults. This study encourages a conversation about whole food nutrition and provides affordable nutrition options to families. Juice Plus+ and affiliates contribute free product for children enrolled in this study. What is the return policy? Juice Plus+ offers a 100% money-back guarantee on your most recent shipment if you received it within the last 6 months. How easy is it to cancel Juice Plus+? Every customer has the choice of logging into a customer portal where they have complete control of their future shipments. Additionally, Juice Plus+ customer service is available Mon – Fri at 901-850-3000 for cancellations and returns. What is the role of an affiliate? In addition to educating others about Juice Plus+ products, affiliate support their customers when orders need changing and provide ongoing coaching about the products. The company pays affiliates for their customer service and marketing efforts.

Consumers also ask:

Why does Juice Plus+ cost more than competitors? Quality ingredients cost a little more and additional costs are incurred in production of clean safe products. Juice Plus+ Essentials are a premium product, with quality ingredients. Consumers who value quality, safe health products purchase as an investment in long-term health. Other brands offer lower standard products that are not guaranteed to be pure and safe. Of note, the company has an affiliate program that can help you offset your costs. Multivitamin vs. Juice Plus+ – which one wins? There’s a big difference between traditional multivitamins and Juice Plus+. Multivitamin supplements contain vitamins and minerals that have been isolated from their nutrient partners and combined with other isolated nutrients in an unbalanced ratio. You won’t find a plant in nature that contains the nutrient profile of a multivitamin. Even plant-based multivitamin formulas have unnatural ratios of nutrients not found in nature. Fruits and vegetables contain those same vitamins and minerals and other nutrients like plant chemicals to form a whole plant complex. There are literally thousands of different nutrients in a single fruit or vegetable. This means each Juice Plus+ capsule delivers the basic nutrients of a multivitamin plus thousands of powerful plant chemicals only found in whole food.  You get much more nutrition from whole food than you do from man-made multivitamins. Are Juice Plus+ capsules better than loose plant powders? Consumers often find loose plant powder products unappetizing in odor and taste with a gritty consistency. This leads to less consumption of powder with reduced results.  For these reasons, I believe encapsulated plant powders are the best choice for a sustainable habit and measurable health benefits. Why is Juice Plus+ a good idea? According to the CDC, 90% of all Americans fall short of the minimum recommended 5 daily servings of fruits and vegetables and depending on your calorie needs and physical activity, you might need even more fruit and vegetables. Research shows eating conventionally dried fruits and vegetables will increase your intake of nutrients you aren’t getting in your usual diet. If you struggle with getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, Juice Plus+ offers an effective solution as you wait for daily habits to catch up with your health desires. What is different about the Juice Plus+ label? The label is busy and for everyday consumers, it can be confusing. Juice Plus, stands out from other encapsulated plant powders because it has a nutritional facts panel. This is the same kind of panel you would find on food products in the grocery store. Competitors have a supplement facts panel, the same kind you find on a bottle of multivitamins. The label also lists specific vitamins which are required to maintain nutrition consistency. At first glance, consumers think there is much less nutrition than in a multivitamin which has a more extensive label. However, a complete vitamin or mineral content per serving can’t be listed on the label of 100% plant powders because it would be impossible to fit all the plant nutrients on that label. Does Juice Plus+ replace fruits and vegetables? Government and nutrition-related organizations agree on two things:
  • One of the most important things you can do for your overall health is to eat plants.
  • There is no substitute for fresh, raw, fruits and vegetables.
Unfortunately, most produce is picked prematurely, before nutrients can fully develop. Growing conditions are not always ideal, and nutritional value is lost during transport and time on the shelf. Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables. Even if you eat a plant-based diet, plant powders like Juice Plus+ Essentials help you get more of the nutrients you need from a variety of plants for optimal health. Do powdered fruits and vegetables work? Yes, Juice Plus+ capsules contain concentrated doses of nutrients from a variety of plants that work together to potentiate health benefits. This is called plant synergy. Small amounts of a variety of nutrients add up to big health benefits. About the auto-ship plan Juice Plus+ ships a 4-month supply of products at once, however consumers are only billed once a month for four months. You avoid monthly shipping charges and are less like to run out of product. The automatic installment plan ensures you get a delivery three times a year, and you won’t miss a single dose of Juice Plus+. You also have the option of purchasing a one-time shipment. A new customer portal gives customers full control over their shipments, so the product is less likely to stock up, and customers receive an email notification prior to each shipment.

How to maximize your experience.

Support your health by investing in the four pillars of health: nutrition, fitness, sleep, and hydration. Juice Plus+ fruits, vegetables, berries, and omegas are meant to supplement your current diet. Eat a plant-rich diet. Here are some helpful tips:
  • Be consistent with capsules and take them with plenty of water or your favorite beverage. Continue to strive to eat more plants every day!
  • Give it time. Your body may take longer to respond to the power of plants. And if you used Juice Plus+ in the past, consider trying it again, with consistency and for a longer period.
  • Try other Juice Plus+ products that contain different plants. For a plant-based source of protein, consider adding Juice Plus+ Complete, Perform or the snack bars to your diet. If you like to take control of where your food comes from, consider investing in a Juice Plus+ Tower Garden.

My bottom line.

Everyone should eat lots of fruit and vegetables for optimal health. If you can’t make that happen, whether life gets busy or you are a picky eater, Juice Plus+ essentials is a great solution.
  • Contains 34 carefully selected, superfood fruits, vegetables, and berries.
  • Offers superior quality and safety compared to other brands.
  • Is the only plant concentrate that is scientifically proven.
  • Offers 2 for 1 pricing through the Healthy Starts for Families program
  • Offers convenient auto ship so you don’t run out of product.
  • No membership fee to buy the product.
The adage is true: you get what you pay for. Investing in your health with high quality, nutritious Juice Plus+ makes good sense. fill in the gaps Order Juice Plus+
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