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Purity Coffee: Dietitian Review

Organic, Clean Tasting Coffee

Have you thought about giving up coffee? Maybe you’re sensitive to caffeine, or think it might not be so good for you? Well, I know I have a caffeine sensitivity, but I love the idea of starting my day with a cup of coffee, and honestly, there are so many health benefits to coffee that I had to find a solution! So, If you love the benefits of coffee and don’t want the over-the-top energy that often comes with it, I have a special surprise for you!

You know, coffee contains several compounds that make it a bonafide superfood. In fact, many people don’t know that coffee is actually a fruit! Whole coffee cherries, as they are called, contains 2 seeds, which are the green coffee beans. So, in this post I’ll talk about three important coffee compounds, and there are many more!

First up is CGA, also known as chlorogenic acid. This is a chemical that affects blood vessels – so coffee that contains higher levels of CGA helps to reduce blood pressure, and here’s a great weight loss perk: CGA helps stabilize blood sugar and revs up metabolism. In a 12-week study, healthy overweight adults who consumed just 1 daily cup of coffee high in CGA had significantly less tummy fat and body weight than those who did not drink the coffee. (Nutrients, Jul 2019)

Now, during the roasting process of arabica coffee beans, a plant chemical called Cafestol is formed. There is some research to suggest that cafestol can increased bad cholesterol levels, but the latest review of coffee studies found that drinking more coffee actually lowers risk of heart attacks and strokes.  (Eur J Nutr, Mar 2022) A little hack I recommend if you have high cholesterol and you are nervous about this, is to use a paper filter when brewing coffee – that will capture the cafestol, and take care of your risk.

Cafestol has many health benefits you should know about. It’s been shown to stop the growth of prostate cancer cells, it helps the liver to purge fat and toxins, AND prompts the growth of bone cells  – this is crucial to know if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis. (Biofactors, Jul 2015) Research has found that increasing coffee intake from one to two cups per day may yield an 8% slowing of decline in executive brain function and up to a 5% slowing of amyloid plaque accumulation in the brain. This plaque is one of the main links to Alzheimer’s and dementia risk. (J Alz Dis, 2001)

When green coffee beans are dried and roasted, melanoidins are formed. These compounds offer multiple health-promoting properties: they protect cells from damage, they’re anti-inflammatory and they are fermented by the gut microbiota—so they act like a prebiotic and support a healthy gut. (Food Chem, Jun 2020)

After doing some research to find a healthy coffee that wouldn’t give me the jitters and that was super high in CGA, I am excited to share with you that I have found a brand of coffee that fits the bill.

When I learned about Purity Coffee it checked off all the boxes. this is a very clean coffee – no pesticides or contaminants, no mold. And clean is even the best way to describe the taste – there isn’t anything heavy about it, and for once I don’t have oils or grounds left behind in my cup – seriously, I haven’t tasted any coffee that compares to this. The coffee has unique flavor profiles determined by the level of fermentation, so my favorite is called Protect – and it has just a slight hint of sweet citrus. The way Purity coffee is produced is environmentally friendly too, so that was a nice surprise.

And now I have a surprise for you, my subscribers: If you want to try Purity, you can get 20% off your first order- just type in the code MNIQ on the website Enjoy!

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