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Multivitamin Chewable Review – MyBite

MyBites For Women

Anytime you find a nutrition product that looks and tastes like a Snicker’s bar, you gotta get a bit curious. Is it really that good for you? so when I saw how popular this chocolate-covered multivitamin was, I just had to do a product review for you.

Today I’m going to review the MyBite vitamin line. Now if you try googling mybite just be aware there’s a Canadian company called MyBite that sells dentures. So keep on looking…

MyBites cost around $12 for a 60-day supply, about what you’d pay for the same amount of mini-snickers treats yet less expensive than the usual chewable or gummy type vitamins. In addition to chews for men and women, they offer immune and energy bites too. Today I’ll talk specifically about the mybite multivitamin chew.

Now, I’m trying to provide a balanced viewpoint here, so let me talk about what is appealing about MyBite. First off , if you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to swallow capsules, and you hate the typical vitamin aftertaste that you get with some multivitamins, this is a nice choice. I mean, common on, who would’nt love a sliver of chocolate every morning? So if you have a picky eater, you might stand a chance of getting them to eat this chew every day. The nutrients are layered in the chocolate and caramel and nougat so if you have a sensitive stomach, you are less like to experience any nausea or discomfort. There’s No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and they add Himalayan pink salt, fair trade cocoa, and some non GMO and organic ingredients. And you can find these bites in Target, Walmart, and on You won’t find it at Whole Foods or Trader Joes, that’s not a surprise here.

Looking at the flip side, I think anytime there’s a side by side nutritional comparison of a multivitamin chew vs. a candy bar, that’s probably is a good indication that you don’t have much of a leg to stand on in terms of offering high quality nutrition.

One obvious negative aspect of MyBites is the glucose syrup –so let me unpack that a bit. Glucose syrup makes foods taste better, but over time it can increase the risk of many chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. And think about this – whatever you give your body, your palate adjusts and demands more of the same. So you have to wonder if MyBites could kick off a day full of sugar and fat cravings for some people? The Palm oil used is at least better than trans fatty acids, but still not the healthiest fat option. Also you won’t get a complete multivitamin – not all of the B vitamins are represented in the bites, and there are no minerals at all.

If you’re looking for a healthy gummy that is delicious and has a significantly better nutrition profile, head over to My Nutrition IQ .com and under the SHOP tab, you’ll find our dietitian’s recommendations for our top-selling chewable/gummy product.

Just one other thing I want to mention about mybites is that many customer reviews suggest that bites that are shipped in warmer weather suffer a quick demise, melting and fusing together. I guess you might need that Canadian company that makes chompers in order to break those apart? Either way, in this situation you now have a full size snickers bar, right?

So, my final answer on My Bites is – if you want candy, eat it. If you want vitamins and minerals in a chewable delicious form, these aren’t not your wisest choice.

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