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Surprising Foods That Ward Off Cancer

Nutrition Links To Difference Cancers

Did you know that there are some foods considered to be linked to some cancers, and yet….they can be preventative for other kinds of cancer? 

But here’s the thing….General healthy eating suggestions are just the beginning of focused cancer control. There is surprising research to show we don’t always have to give up the foods we love to prevent certain cancers.

Nutrition education is often a “missed conversation” in a medical doctor’s office. Yet, it is one of the most compelling ways to take control of our health destiny and ward off cancer.

While eating a plant-based diet is a mainstay recommendation for anyone who wants to prevent and fight cancer, here are some unexpected food findings:

  • Eating steak and deli meat sandwiches is associated with an increased risk for several cancers including colorectal and prostate cancer, but two studies analyzed health care professionals’ dietary habits and found that occasionally eating red and processed meat might provide slight protection against melanoma.  How can this be? Well, red meat contains retinol, which was shown to have an inhibitory effect on tumor promotion and reduce melanoma risk.

J Am Acad Dermatol, Aug 2018

You might additional information about red meat before digging into that T-bone, so check out my youtube clip called the real reason to avoid red meat.

  • Eating too much dairy happens to be linked to prostate cancer, but the conjugated linoleic acids–abbreviated CLA–found in dairy foods like yogurt, cheese, and milk offers protection again colorectal cancer by reducing inflammation and discouraging the spread of tumors. If you are going to eat dairy foods, please consider choosing low-fat versions of yogurt and cheese, and if the products come from grass-fed cows, you’ll get more CLA!

Nutrients, Feb 2021

Integr Cancer Ther, Nov 2013

  • And finally….for those of you who are Starbucks fans….Enjoying 2-3 cups of coffee daily might offer protection against breast cancer, even in high-risk women who have BRCA gene mutations. Caffeic acid, a plant chemical found in coffee, showed direct anti-cancer activity in breast cancer cell studies.

Clin Cancer Res, Apr 2015

Be sure to check out my youtube clip on creating a cup of healthy coffee and get lots of health-promoting tips!

You don’t need to eat animal foods if you don’t want to. We still know that fighting cancer at every angle involves eating tons of plants. But, it can be reassuring to know what foods might be okay to eat once in a while, depending on the type of cancer you are concerned about.

The truth is…you might not have to give up everything you love. So whether you desire anti-aging, cancer prevention, or want to actively fight cancer, it’s time to grab your personalized nutrition plan.

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