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Healthy Coffee Hacks

How To Bring Out The Best in Your Brew

Have you been thinking lately that it’s time to give up coffee—because I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to forgo that morning buzz. You just might want to tweak it a bit.

Here are four ways to bring out the best in your coffee. If you prefer to watch a video on this topic, click here.

  • The first tip is to make sure you know HOW much coffee you should really have. Most research suggests that about 3 cups of coffee daily offers protection against cancers like melanoma AND postmenopausal breast cancer BUT higher intake of coffee increases the risk of lung cancer and bladder cancer—so much less is recommended. Depending on what kind of cancer you’re concerned about—whether that be for active patients or prevention, you’ll want to adjust the volume of coffee you drink.

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  • Stay clear of sweeteners, flavorings, and creamers….and treat your black coffee instead to a natural sweetener like monk fruit, stevia, or vanilla flavored nut milk…….OR mellow the flavor with a pinch of cinnamon –you’ll reap the anti-inflammatory benefits and… Cinnamon also significantly reduces blood sugar by mimicking insulin. You’ll need a little more than a teaspoon per day to create that health benefit.

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  • Change to a French Press. A recent study found coffee made in a French press can reduce your risk of cancer. I remember walking into my daughter’s apartment and seeing her Keurig machine unplugged. She mentioned a boy she met told her about using a French press and while it isn’t as convenient as popping in a K-cup, which contains plastic and aluminum foil – its much healthier for you and the environment. The boy isn’t there anymore, but the French press is. If you want to keep your Keurig, like I decided to do…at least use BPA-free stainless steel coffee pods. They’re easy to use and clean. Visit and click on the SHOP tab to learn more about that.

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  • Try a mushroom coffee. It doesn’t taste like mushrooms; it tastes like coffee because it’s a combo blend of both. Mushrooms like chaga and lion’s mane can reduce inflammation in your gut and slow the growth of cancer cells. At CNIQ, our dietitians taste-tested coffee blends and we’ve found a company that makes the best mushroom coffee. Visit our website and click on the SHOP tab to learn more.

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Ok, now you know several ways to make your coffee healthier. Time to get your buzz on!

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