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Balance Your Body Naturally

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Do you believe it’s true that an acidic environment can drive disease conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and chronic fatigue?

Today I’m going to discuss the validity of an alkaline diet and give you some suggestions to support a healthy acid-base balance.

How The Body Balances

The human body is built to naturally maintain a healthy balance of acidity and alkalinity. The kidneys, lungs, and internal buffer systems make sure you stay in balance by getting rid of excess acid produced by normal metabolic functions. This way, you can maintain a health-promoting neutral pH of just above 7. So, then, is an alkaline diet even necessary?

Evidence Of Dietary pH Balancing

While there is some research showing that cancer cells are more likely to grow in acidic environments (Altern Med Rev, Sep 2010) an alkaline diet can’t change your blood’s pH or directly impact the pH of your cells. As of right now, no evidence-based research shows a link between lower cancer risk and an alkaline diet.

Common Sense Advice About Alkalinity

However, proponents of the alkaline diet argue that if your internal mechanisms are compromised or overworked because of a highly acidic diet, you’ll have more difficulty maintaining a healthy pH and you’ll increase your risk for disease that way. So, while diet may impact pH levels, it does so at a lesser degree than you might think. Fruits and vegetables do provide the body with alkaline mineral buffers that support a neutral environment, whereas highly processed or animal meals produce additional acid –making your body work harder. To me, it’s pretty logical. Processed foods are not going to be health-promoting and fruits and veggies are, and plants are….alkalinizing.

What The Acid/Alkaline Food Chart Won’t Tell You

While it might be helpful and interesting to look at an acid/ alkaline food chart—just google acid alkaline food chart—, there’s no need to restrict any foods that you know are healthy even if they are listed as acid-producing. For example, whole grains, oat bran, soy milk, peas, carrots, and cranberries are acidic, but they have cancer-fighting benefits that you don’t want to miss out on! And citrus fruits, containing high levels of citric acid, changes to an alkaline state in the body! So, if you want to support your body’s quest to balance pH, cut back on foods that produce the most acid—fried foods, meat, cheese, and sugar. It can also help to avoid alcohol and limit your caffeine intake.

Fastest Tip For Fighting Acidic Environment

As you continue to make dietary changes, I have one powerful suggestions to help you support a neutralized body very quickly: First, consider adding plant powders to your dietary supplement regimen. The dietitians at CNIQ recommend the most science-based plant powders that make it easy to help your body function more optimally. These are powders I use daily, and I have personally seen impressive changes in my urinary pH.

The ultimate cancer-fighting diet takes your whole body into consideration and naturally supports a more alkaline environment, all covered in your personalized nutrition plan.

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