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Simple Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

While some stress is natural, being under constant stress may increase your risk of many chronic diseases. Chronic stress negatively impacts your immune system, making you less resistant to disease. While the National Cancer Institute states there is little evidence that stress increases cancer risk, some studies suggest there may be a link. Here are some easy ways to reduce your stress and anxiety:

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Researchers found quality of life improved in those who participated in Transcendental Meditation. (Integr Cancer Ther, Sep 2009)

It’s easy to get started with meditation with this free app Insight Timer.


Studies repeatedly show that those who prayed were able to find more positive contributions from their breast cancer experience than those who did not pray. This is consistent with the findings from other studies that people use spirituality and prayer to cope with cancer. (Support Cancer Care, Mar 2009)


 Immerse yourself in something creative! Diamond Painting is a great way to keep your hands busy or your mind off your troubles.


Crack open a book that nourishes your mind and spirit. Here is our top pick:

Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace


Although the researchers of a study on expressive writing found no significant effects on mood and quality of life, those who do feel more emotionally connected. (Psychooncology, Jan 2010)


Who doesn’t want to be wrapped up in a soft fleece blanket? This one contains inspirational words that remind you to stay positive.  (Inspirational Healing Blanket)


It’s about being with your breath and your body. We’ve picked a couple of great yoga resources to get your practice started and for those of you in breast cancer recovery.  (Gentle Yoga DVD and Restorative Yoga for Breast Cancer)


Enjoy an at-home sea salt body scrub just like you would get at a spa! Be sure to choose one that is natural, organic, and phthalate-free.  (Sea Salt BodyHandFoot Scrub)

Think Powerfully.

Daily words of affirmation help you keep out the negative voices in your head and replace them with positive, hopeful inspiration! These affirmation cards are beautifully designed! (Power Thought Affirmation Cards)

Take a Walk in Nature. Call a Friend. Watch a Comedy. Smile. You get the idea!

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