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Hidden Sodium Sources

Salt is hiding in your food and more than 70% of dietary sodium is found in processed and packaged foods like:

Frozen meals


Canned or pickled foods

Snack foods like chips or popcorn

Deli meats

Deli cheeses

Salad dressings, sauces and condiments

Breads, crackers and cereals

Cook with less salt by adding more:

Onion and garlic powder

Spices like rosemary, chives and thyme

Lemon juice

Orange zest

Red wine vinegar


Chili powder


What about sea salt?

Sea salt has a stronger flavor and a more rugged crystal than table salt, but they still contain the same amount of sodium by weight. One is not healthier than the other.

A word about salt substitutes:

Salt substitutes replace sodium with potassium. This can be a good alternative if you have high blood pressure that is sensitive to sodium but can be dangerous for those who have kidney or liver disease. Be sure to talk to your doctor before using salt substitutes.

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