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Creating a Chemical-Free Home

Healthy on the inside means healthy on the outside, right? Reverse this statement and you will find it is also true: healthy on the outside means healthy on the inside. Reducing the amount of pollutants, pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the environment can seem overwhelming. Here are some easy transitions you can make to create a more chemical-free home.

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In the kitchen

Ceramic Non-stick Cookware Set

One of the most affordable and versatile cookware sets we’ve found. The ceramic nonstick coating is free of PFAS and PFOA so it won’t release any toxic chemicals or fumes. Heat safe up to 600 degrees and pops into the dishwasher for fast clean up. 

Ullo Wine Purifier Carafe

Use the filters for a single glass of wine or add to the carafe to purify and remove sulfites from an entire bottle of wine. Avoid wine headaches and for those who are sulfite-sensitive, lower the risk of triggering asthma and skin breakouts. Filtered wine tastes so much better too!

In the hallway

LAFCO Soy Candle

Not only is this a clean-burning candle with a runtime of 90 hours, but the handblown glass jar is also so beautiful you’ll want to use it for decoration long after the wax is gone. Just freeze the remaining wax for easy removal. 100% cotton wick, essential oil-infused wax, and no toxic chemicals make this candle the one to burn!

In the laundry

Smart Sheep Woolen Dryer Balls

Toss the chemically-laden dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners and start using these woolen balls! They will dry your clothes more quickly and naturally for thousands of laundry loads. It just feels better knowing your clothes, linens, and towels are cared for more naturally.

In the basement

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifiers

Use in basements, rooms with pets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, refrigerators—honestly, almost everywhere! Activated charcoal is pure, non-toxic and these bags freshen your spaces for up to two years.

On the deck

Zenfiyah Coconut Shell Briquettes

Grilling just makes everything taste better! Now you can enjoy barbequed foods and worry less about pesky HCAs and PAHs. Coconut shell briquettes have no fillers or chemical additives and they burn clean, so proteins on the grill are less likely to form cancer-causing carcinogens.

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